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Master Of Divinity (Download PDF)

​UUC is currently advising candidates for the MDiv Program to enroll first in one of the certificate programs that are valuable on-ramps into the MDiv program.


The Master of Divinity (MDiv) program is designed to empower and equip students to serve as transformational Christian leaders within today’s multicultural contexts. UUC offers the traditional ministerial skills of biblical and theological competence, effective communication, spiritual sensitivity and maturity, passion for evangelism and pastoral care. In addition, our program offers courses in global interconnection of the contemporary world, the importance of understanding urbanization, principles of effective leadership, organizational development skills, and social transformation. Graduates of the program will be competently equipped to serve effectively and at a professional level as ordained pastors and leaders within the contexts of churches or other Christian organizations and/or ministries.

Leaning Outcomes

After successfully completing the Master of Divinity program, graduates will be able to:

1.       Gain a sound biblical and historical theological understanding and communicate it effectively

2.       Develop practices of personal and spiritual maturity

3.       Plan, organize, and direct activities for church planting and church renewal

4.       Mobilize the church for social transformation, conflict reconciliation, and global mission

5.       Lead competently by organizing and managing skillfully means for mentoring laity for their ministries in families, churches and the public sector