Required Courses: 54 Credits

BBL‐501 Introduction to the Old Testament BBL‐502 Introduction to the New Testament BBL‐503 Biblical Hermeneutics

CED‐501 Christian Education

CHH‐501 History of Christianity I CHH‐502 History of Christianity II CSL‐502 Christian Counseling ETH‐501 Ministerial Ethics EVG‐501 Evangelism in Context

LDR‐501 Organizational Leadership

MIN‐503 Pastoral Ministry

MIN‐505 Building Healthy Churches

MIN‐511 Church Planting

PRC‐501 Homiletics

RES‐501 Research and Writing for Theological Education SFM‐501 Spiritual Life Practices: Developing A Life of Devotion THL‐501 Systematic Theology I

THL‐502 Systematic Theology II


Elective Courses: 27 Credits (9 courses)

Choose any nine of the following courses:

EDU‐502 Philosophy of Education

EDU‐503 Teaching and Learning: Foundational Issues in Education

LDR‐502 Servant Leadership

LDR‐503 Foundations of Personal Leadership

LDR‐505 Servant Leader as a Transformational Agent LDR‐506 Emotional Intelligence in Leadership MIN‐500 Doing Ministry in Context

MIN‐504 Church Renewal

MIN‐506 Cause Collaboration

MIN‐507 Vocation in a Changing World MIN‐512 The Arts and Science of Mentoring THL‐513 Perspectives on World Christian Mission THL‐514 Theology of Work

THL‐515 Fundamentals for Doing Theology


Internship: 3 credits